Riding Pals

Nicky’s long time dream was to own a horse, or was it to own horses?  Anyway we built a barn with three stalls, which led ultimately to we can’t have an empty stall, so we adopted three wonderful horses. We started with 2 rescues, one for Fayne and one for Nicky. We still have Fayne’s horse Shadow, he is probably about 30 yrs old now. He is the grand-girls favorite and they love to ride him. We also had Sandy, who was not rideable, but the sweetest of the 4, she gave kisses to Nicky when asked. Sandy passed in Oct 2020 from colic. One of Nicky’s current riding horses is a 20 yr old BLM Mustang mare named Maggie. Maggie came to us when we bought a 2-horse trailer, but had to take 2 horses to go with it. We now have 3 horses total and had to have an additional “stall” built on to the barn for Blaze when he first came to us. Blaze came to us as an “adoption” also. His owner (a friend of Nicky’s) was downsizing and wanted him to go to a good home. Nicky already knew him pretty well. He is the clown of the bunch!

Nicky and Maggie