Sale Barn


WF Cowboy Brew

This guy is not as tall as Mr. Goodnight but he’s got a set of horns that impress. He’s also a very desirable brindle color. He’ll eat cookies out of your hand.

Born: 05/13/2017

Dam: Firebrewed

Sire: CB Caballero Don Juan



Windy Point Bolt M2-SOLD

Bolt loves poll scratches and cookies. Beautiful color and a lot of horn for a 3 yr old.

Born: 04./13/2019

Dam: Windy Point Penelope

Sire: M2 Lightning



Fire Fox

Friendly and easy to work. She will eat cookies out of your hand, but watch out if you run out! She’s had a calf every year without fail for us. She’s a good mother with plenty of milk. She has a speckled red and white heifer calf at side that will go with her until weaning.

Born:   5/5/2014

Sire:   Lever Action

Dam:    Fire Brewed


Blanca Caliente`

This is a Shadowizm daughter.Easy to work and great mother. Has given us 2 herdsires. She is out of one of our best and oldest cows. Big bodied with back twisting horns which she often passes on to her babies. She has a bull calf at side out of Windy Point Bolt M2.

Born:   5/23/2013

Sire:   Shadowizm

Dam:    WS High Road


Classic’s Babe

Born:   5/12/2012
Sire:   Tempter
Dam:    She’s a Classic
This is a Tempter daughter still giving us a calf every year. Through not fault of her own, she broke the right horn when she went for breeding a few years back. She usually throws very colorful babies similar to her. She is a big bodied cow and a very good mother.


WH Rosy Day Chex

This big girl has given us one heifer since we bought her a couple of years ago. The heifer was big and very long legged. Her horns are starting to twist back more every year.

Born: 07/18/2017

Dam: Nite Fly 28/7

Sire: Tuff test



Firebrewed is on the shy side but still pretty easy to work with. She often adds her brindling to her calves. Her R horn appears to have frozen a few years ago, but it does not seem to bother her and she’s not missed any meals because of it!

Born: 05/05/2011

Dam: Brews Althea

Sire: Bare S Centerfire


High Harmony

Harmony has given us many really good calves. She is very easy to be around and a great mother. She often puts lots of speckles on her babies. She has a Tequila Sunrise AI bull calf at side born in early Apr that will go with her until weaning time.

Born: 03/15/2014

Dam: KC Harmony

Sire: Hunt’s High Lonesome


CB Flicka

Flicka has great color and horn. Her confirmation is not perfect, but she always seems to produce better than herself. She is very friendly and easy to be around. She has a pretty little heifer calf at side by our Windy Point Bolt bull.

Born: 5/31/2015

Dam: CB Anika

Sire: Over The Top


Stampede Sweetie

Sweetie is not the biggest cow in the herd, but she has some impressive horns and pedigree to match. She generally puts great color on her babies and is a good mama. She currently has a bull calf at side by Windy Point Bolt M2.

Born: 05/20/2017

Dam: Smitten

Sire: Rodeo Stampede


WF A Classic Cowgirl

Cowgirl is a shy cow, but not difficult to work. She is a very good mama, but never aggressive. She has a bull calf at side by Windy Point Bolt born early May.

Born: 05/18/2017

Dam: Classic’s Babe

Sire: CB Caballero Don Juan


WF Snow White

  Snow White does not have the fanciest color, but she is putting on some horn. She is shy, but still easy to work around. She has Windy Point Bolt heifer calf at side that looks similar to her mom.

Born: 06/03/2018

Dam: Blanca Caliente`

Sire: Gee Whiz


WF Saddle Song

Saddle Song has a unique horn shape. It is not the typical shape that will give you a huge “TT” measurement, but lovely none the less. Sells with a heifer calf at side, our first heifer so far this year by Windy Point Bolt. She is of course a cutie, red and white and starting to brindle up!

Born: 06/03/2018

Dam: Ziggy’s Melody

Sire: Saddle Up


WF Miss Red Ryder

Ryder is another smaller cow. She has a somewhat unique color of very dark chestnut and some black, almost Parker Brown, but not quite. She loves cookies and is a good mama. She will sell open.

Born: 04/19/2019

Dam: CB Flicka

Sire: Susan’s Remington Action



Hugo’s Rosebud

Rosebud is ready to breed to the bull of your choice, she will sell as open. It looks like her horns may start turning back soon.

Born: 04/03/2020

Dam: WH Rosy Day Chex

Sire: CB Hugo


WF Sweet Quinevere-SOLD

Qwen will eat cookies out of your hand but she is still a little shy. She is the flashy black and white that is a show stopper. She is open but ready to bred to the bull of your choice.

Born: 04/18/2020

Dam: Stampede Sweetie

Sire: Sugar’s XCaliber



WF Cabernet X

If you are looking for black and white, well here she is!

Born: 04/13/2021

Dam: WF Merlot

Sire: Sugar’s XCaliber


WF Song of the West

Born: 03/20/2021

Dam: Ziggy’s Melody

Sire: WF Caballero Blanco


No name heifer but can be registered

Born: 03/25/2021

Dam: Firefox

Sire: WF Caballero Blanco


WF Elevated Vaquera

Born: 04/16/2021

Dam: High Harmony

Sire: Caballero Blanco


WF Sugar Baby

Dam: TC Sugar ‘N Spice

Sire: Caballero Blanco