National Western Stock Show 2020

We are back home from the National Western Stock Show 2020. It was a great 4 days. Spending time with Longhorn friends new and old. There were some breeders that came away as big winners. We will all be getting ready for the next show. The ranch had some winners and some disappointments, but isn’t that a part of the “show”. The youth show was a huge success, the youngest exhibitor was 35 months. I understand there was 70 + entries and the stands were full, one of the biggest crowds since we started showing at the NWSS. I also want to congratulate Wildfire’s ranch manager (wife and boss, Nicky) in her selection as the new president for the Mountain Plains TLBAA Affiliate. The 2020 show was the last in the “historical stockyard”, 2021 will be the first in the “New Yard”. The new Stockyard Center Complex, a $768M project, is scheduled to be complete in 2026. A lot of new construction but they are saving many of the historical buildings and items (wood, hinges, locks and gates from the stock pens). The link to the complex is ( check it out. We took 6 animals to the show and returned home with 7. We purchased a very nice grulla cow from Toby Johnson. His son Chris brought her down to Denver saving us a long drive to Big Horn Wyoming. We have some great expectation from Wyo Silver for the future.

Kintrak a software program you should look at

A great deal, in my opinion.

Have you ever thought that life would be better or easier if you were able to click a button and the entire life on one or every longhorn you have or had appears on your screen.  We know there are other software programs that enables you to track your herd but they are to me expensive.  What if you could do everything you need to do in managing you herd for less than $20.00.  Well you can.  The is a program that I have used for five years and have found that it does everything and is easy to use.  It is called Kintraks.  “Kintraks is an animal record system which is useful for any breeder or animal enthusiast. Simply enter the species and breed to customize it to any animal of your choice. Use a variety of storage options and functions to enhance and simplify your animal breeding and record keeping.” 

One purchase (25.00 AUD) – never pay again for upgrades and support
 * Use the one program to create separate databases for as many species as you like.
  * Keep thousands of records in one location, search and retrieve information instantly.
  * Automatically create family trees, descendant tables and calculates inbreeding coefficient.
  * Store individual photographs, browse your records like a photo album.
  * Print your own custom pedigree certificates and photo pages.

  * Export your pedigree to other file formats including Adobe Acrobat for email or Web.
  * Nine information tabs show different aspects of your animals – Notes, Family Tree, Descendants, Matings, Health, Shows, Sold Stock, Inbreeding coefficient and Contacts.
  * Add a background and logo to your pedigrees – create your own or use one from our collection
  * Custom fields allow you to store your own choice of animal details and display them in your pedigree
  * Full user support via email and now  If you have purchased a Kintraks registration key at any time since version 1.0.01 (released in 2002) you now have a free private online storage folder to backup, restore and share your database files to any of your desktop devices.
* Download version 9.06.03

The creator (name unknown) lives in Australia, but he/she has a website and a facebook page and responds to questions within a few hours.  A great choice on my part and I believe for you.  Download a test version.


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