Meet our new friends

Meet Rodger the Rabbit.  A couple of mornings ago I went to check on the chickens and found Rodger laying beside the gate.  Someone had dropped him off that morning (we get a lot of things dropped off, dogs, cats, squirrels, we have a few trees) and now a bunny.  Nicky says there is always room for another mouth at the table.  That is until I want to add another pigeon to my collection.  She calls them “sky rats”.

As a boy say 8-14 year of age there were just a few things that I was interested in.  No, school was not one of them.  But trapping and raising wild pigeons was one of them.  When the family lived in Snyder, Texas, there was a cotton gin about 2 miles from our house.    The gin was not ginning any more but pigeons from town had moved in.  So my friend Jimmy and I started trapping them.  I selected the strange color ones and raised them in one of our chicken coups.  When the family moved to Albany, Texas my new friend was involved in  4H, showing pigeons.  Right up my alley.  But for 4H they had to be pure breds, so my wild pigeons went into one pen and my “up scaled” pigeons went in another.  I chose nuns, owls and Jacobins.  So now in my second or third childhood I have gotten a few more pigeons.